Benefits and Bi-Products

fresh, clean, water for drinking and agricultureNo fuel burned - All the problems of air and water pollution, strip mining and waste disposal are eliminated. No smoke, fumes, oil spills or thermal pollution. No greenhouse gases.

Road to Energy independence
- OTEC stands as the best option for the USA and other nations to gain energy independence. At the moment, a handful of petroleum-rich countries have a choke hold on the rest of the world. Countries can become independent by using their own nearbyocean waters to supply a large part of their electricity, fresh water, fuel, and food.

- Cold water, drawn from the depths, is nutrient-rich and can significantly increase fishing yields.

Fresh water
- A potentially immense by-product of the power cycle, for drinking and agriculture.

Abundant resource
- 40 million square miles of tropical ocean suitable for OTEC close to major populated countries. Ideal for southeast of US, southern tip of Baja California, Hawaii, Caribbean, Central and South America, Africa, Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, China and Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, and Australia. (See map)

Hurricane Resistance
- Sea Solar Power plants are 95% submerged below wind and wave action. Modern floating drill rigs have a higher profile, stay on station, and survive severe storms.

Ocean Location
- No effect on real estate market, no legal battles over plant siting. No land structures marring scenic vistas.

A Host of By-Products
- A Sea Solar Power plant can also produce other energy intensive products including:
Hydrogen as fuel • Methanol as liquid fuel • Ammonia for fertilizer • Industrial gases

Many useful by-products can be obtained from the warm and cold water resource using a little or all of the power produced in the plant. (See the diagram to the left.) Fish will benefit from the nutrient rich cold water discharged from the plant beneath the surface layers. This will be like fertilizing a field. Fresh water for human consumption and agriculture is an important by-product and can be barged to shore. Hydrogen for fuel cells or direct fuel burning and/or methanol can be produced for transportation fuels.

Potential Products at sample prices from 100MW Floating Plants

Product(1) Output/yr Unit Price Output/yr Metric Units Unit Price Metric Revenue/yr(1)
Electricity 788,400,000 kwhrs $--- 788,400,000 kwhrs $--- $---
Oxygen 219,000 tons $94.00 198,672 M.Tons $104 $20,586,000
Nitrogen 139,000 tons $82.00 126,098 M.Tons $90 $11,398,000
Ammonia 106,000 tons $170.00 96,161 M.Tons $187 $18,020,000
Hydrogen 17,000 tons $1,900.00 15,422 M.Tons $2,094 $32,300,000
Methanol 26,700,000 gals $1.90 101,059,500 liters $0.50 $50,730,000
Fresh water(2) 21,000,000,000 gals $0.003 79,485,000,000 liters $0.0008 $63,000,000
Fish 32,000,000 lbs. $1.00 14,514,880 kgs $2.20 $32,000,000

(1) Electricity only from first plants. Later plants, according to their design, will have a mix of products.
(2) Fresh water plant only; Much higher quantity.