Sea Solar Power is Ready!

Compared to the most dramatic American engineering achievements of the last century, such as putting a man on the moon or building the atomic bomb, Ocean Thermal Energy is clearly well within our capability and ingenuity. We believe its implementation will be comparable to the dawn of “big oil”, our fuel of choice for the last 100 years. As OTE technology further matures, costs will continue to drop. Fossil fuel costs, however, will continue rising, perhaps exponentially. Sea Solar Power, Inc. is ready and willing.

We have the proprietary hardware and expertise to build these plants better, faster, and at less expense than any other entity. The market is virtually limitless. We need your support to help bring the many benefits of our technology to a waiting world.

What's Taking So Long?

We need far-sighted government support along with the help of private industry. Some reasons why OTE has been neglected include:

  • Energy independence not considered an urgent national policy goal.
  • Global warming not taken seriously.
  • An acceptable and non-threatening price of oil until 2005.
  • It’s a new power source and a new technology